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All products are made and/or customized at our shop in St. Louis. Curious how laser engraving, sandblasting, or sublimation works? Check out our TikTok , Instagram, and YouTube. Oh, and there are dog videos. We ❤️ dogs. 

You can also learn more about each technique and see some examples below!

laser engraving

There is a wide variety of materials we can cut and engrave for you:

Wood, plastic, leather, acrylic, even stainless steel!

We use a high-end laser engraving machine to engrave intricate details, burn, and etch designs. Some of the items we’ve engraved include:

  • Wooden Signs

  • Flight board

  • Cutting Boards

  • Knives

  • LED Signs

We can make entirely new gifts, products or designs. Check out this intricate detailed Ninja Turtle sewer Eddie demos on Tiktok. 👉

FIBER LASER engraving

Our newest laser gives us the ability to engrave all types of metal and some plastics and polymers. 

This machine can be used from engraving a name onto a pendant to engraving serial numbers on thousands of industrial parts. 

  • Jewelry

  • Lighters

  • Metal Plates

  • Knives

  • Industrial Parts 


Check out this metal wallet we engraved!  👉


Glass, drinkware and crystal awards are always popular gifts and we specialize in both!


We can sandblast custom designs, use whatever image, text, or logo you’d like or make something unique for you. Here are some items we’ve sandblasted:

  • Glassware

  • Crystal & Glass Awards

  • Bottles/Growlers

  • Zippos

  • Swords/Knives

In this video we sandblast a few designs on pint glasses.


Sublimation is the method of printing that transfers a design into a material using ink and heat. We can color print on a broad range of items, everything from promotional business items, to gifts and plaques!


Some of the items we’ve made using sublimation:

  • Tumblers

  • Coffee Mugs

  • Name Badges

  • Koozies

  • Coasters

In this video you can see sublimation in action! We use this process to print a coaster, cinch bag, and lighter. You'll get a high quality durable print on a variety of products. Take a photo you love or a graphic and we can print it onto tons of items for you or your business.


Have something you'd like customized? Let's talk!


You can check out our gallery to see personalized gifts utilizing the aforementioned laser engraving, sandblasting, and sublimation methods.


We've customized a lot of different products and gifts, including:

  • Pocket knifes

  • Cutting boards

  • Pop-ups

  • Store signs

  • ...and a lot more!

Check out this beautiful custom engraving of a music box for a hardcore Smashing Pumpkins fan! We can quickly engrave a variety of surfaces or objects you want personalized for a gift, ceremony or business event.

See us build a pop-up Arch card from scratch! This gives you a good idea of what is possible with wood engraving. This an original design that starts from a single piece of wood!

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